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About Me

My name is Sarah Sullivan and if you are reading this then I’m tipping that you have found your partner in crime, are ready for the big 'I do' and you are looking for a registered wedding celebrant!

So, if you are, and want to know a little bit more about me and the process, I am a celebrant who is...


♥Professional and Confident

♥Relaxed and creative

♥Flexible, Friendly and Fun

♥Adventurous and a little quirky

♥Ready to offer you a tailor made wedding to suit your needs, wants and unique personalities


Congratulations! It is your special day, the start of your life together as husband and wife, the day when you pledge yourself to each other in the presence of your family and friends. How would you like it to play out? Would you like to have a traditional, elegant ceremony, a themed gala or a rip-roaring shindig?


Choosing to have your ceremony conducted by an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, means you have choices. You choose the service (religious, non-religious, spiritual, multicultural or commitment ceremony etc.), time, date and venue in which to celebrate, whether it be a chapel, beach, park, garden, hotel, resort, winery, boat or even a hot air balloon - the choices are endless.


Your wedding day is one of the most personal and cherished days of your life. Your wedding ceremony itself should be just as personal. Every aspect of it, from readings to music to symbolism, should be a reflection of you and the bond that you share. Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as the two of you. It should reflect your thoughts, personalities, ideas, beliefs, love and commitment to each other. Just like no two marriages are alike, nor are any two wedding ceremonies alike.


I would be delighted to discuss your plans and help you create the perfect ceremony just for you.

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