The Process


Say hi!

  • Give me a call or sms or email to double check I'm free on your wedding date.

  • We'll arrange a good time and spot to meet face to face.

Let's meet

  • We have a nice relaxed chat. We get to know each other and you can tell me all about your thoughts and ideas.

  • You have the opportunity to fire a load of questions at me.

Let's do this

  • Book me in for your date.

  • Arrange another meeting to work out ceremony choices, fill out the required paperwork and sight documentation.

  • I'll write an amazing ceremony that you and your guests will love.

  • I will be available for as much phone and email contact as you need.

  • Book in a rehearsal if required.


Your wedding

  • I'll present said amazing ceremony.

  • You'll be a happily married couple before you know it.

  • I'll take care of the rest of the legal mumbo jumbo.

- 18 years or older.

- Willing to enter the marriage and are not being forced.

- Eligible to marry and not married to anyone else or related to each other.

** If unsure about any of the above, please ask as there are exceptions to every rule...except point 2!

You must  both be....

  • The 'Notice of Intended Marriage' or NOIM needs to be filled out no earlier than 18 months and no later than 1 month and 1 day before the marriage. Click for a link to the doc!

  • A shortening of time can be applied for under special circumstances.


Required paperwork

- If born in Australia - An original birth certificate AND a drivers license or passport.

- If born overseas - An original birth certificate OR a passport.

- If either of you have been previously married, a divorce certificate or death certificate of a previous spouse.

Required documentation

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