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Who doesn't love a celebration?

Do you really need an excuse to celebrate your love, welcome a new baby, throw a party, commit your life to another? 


What about a different reason such as a retirement, graduation, naming a boat or even a 'divorced and starting again' ceremony?

I can write a beautiful, unique, special ceremony that honours the things that mean the most to you.

Invite your closest friends and family to toast your happiness and revel in the moment.


Talk to me about a personal, friendly ceremony written for you!  

Eloping - Many couples are now choosing to ‘Elope’ wanting a more private and intimate ceremony with only the two witnesses, the two of you and me. (I can even provide the witnesses) If you are looking to celebrate on a budget but with style, something stress free and no fuss, yet meaningful and memorable, look no further than the elopement package. We can meet on the banks of the Yarra at dusk or the place you had your first date. You choose a beautiful spot and ‘marry away’! This can be one of the most special and precious occasions of your life, elopements can be emotional, wonderful and memorable.

Commitment ceremonies - Same sex couples, religious differences or not needing to marry – couples have a myriad of reasons to have a commitment. For many different reasons some people do not want to marry or feel the need to marry but they wish to publicly declare their love for one another in front of family and friends. A commitment ceremony offers that bonding and celebration of love. Together we can craft a ceremony that truly reflects the love you have for each other.

Surprise wedding - Ok, so legally you can’t ‘surprise’ your boyfriend or girlfriend with a wedding ceremony! You both have to plan this however together, you can plan to surprise your family and friends.  We can design an awesome surprise. A legal marriage.
Do you have a significant birthday coming up or your engagement party maybe, and just want to surprise everyone and make it your wedding day?

Renewal of vows - A renewal of vows is a touching, romantic way to celebrate your special anniversary with a wonderful, loving and relaxed renewal of vows ceremony. It can be a time to reflect on the years gone by and to acknowledge once again your commitment to each other, a time to celebrate with your children or grandchildren. What a beautiful example to reaffirm your vows and to publicly show your love and devotion to each other in front of those most important to you. I can write a completely new ceremony or we can incorporate the wording from your original wedding service.

Naming ceremonies - A naming ceremony is a wonderful celebration to express the joy of the birth of your child. A personal ceremony to introduce your child to the community at large is the perfect opportunity to officially welcome your child into the loving circle of family and friends. It is a time when family relationships are recognized and parents, through the promises they make, are made aware of the responsibilities they have in the upbringing of their children. This ceremony is used when parents do not feel the need for a religious ritual. A naming isn’t just for your newborn it can be performed at any age.

Small ceremonies that can be included in your wedding.


Ring Warming Ceremony – The rings are passed down to the bride and groom through their family and friends who, whilst they are passing, hold the rings and make a wish or say a prayer for the couple and their marriage.


Hand Fasting Ceremony – The joining of the bride and grooms hand/s together and binding them with a cord or ribbon as they take their vows.


Wine Ceremony – Toasting each other or sharing a glass of wine, the first drink shared as a married couple.


Rose Ceremony – Exchange of roses, symbolizing their first gifts to each other as a married couple.


Candle Ceremony – Lighting of candles for the couple or in remembrance of absent or deceased relatives. There are several ceremonies involving the lighting of candles. Ideally to be conducted indoors.


Release of butterflies – According to legend making a wish on and releasing the butterfly, the wish will be then be taken to the heavens and be granted.


Unity Sand Ceremony – Different coloured sands are layered and eventually blended in a vase, showing each person as individuals and eventually joined together at the top. A lovely ceremony to include for children.


Love Locks – a touching end to a ceremony, joining of 2 locks and throwing away of keys.

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