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No really...this actually happened!

Imagine the cocktail: The wonderful side of technology mixed with a big dose of humour and topped with the perfect occasion!

What does it look like? A devilishly funny way to remember your wedding day and a personalised way to express your inner geeks/nerds/clowns/selves.

Ever since one unfortunate wedding party was chased and hunted down by a T-Rex, the trend has emerged to make your talented wedding photographers work hard to produce (absolutely true) wedding photographs of you and your wedding party and guests attempting amazing feats and discovering wonderful powers! Every bride and groom deserves lovely memories and beautiful photographs to document their special day but why not use something that will go off with a bang! Even those photos, make a humourous addition to any wedding album. I'll certainly be pinching a few of these ideas, whether the future husband is keen or not!! Have a gander through the selection for a giggle at how others have done it!

Maria Vicencio Photography

Posted by Redditor kittyfodder

Posted to Flickr by Szarmack Photography, effects by Josh Hoye.

Photo Credit: RSB Photography

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