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Adventures of a Celebrant Bride

When it comes to knowing all the ins and outs of legally getting hitched, I'm all over it! However when it comes to knowing what to do about planning and having a wedding from the very start - I'm a freshie...a noob.... i.e. I'm making it up as I go along and pretending I know exactly what to do!!

The time has arrived my friends! Yep the other half, unable to go on living without having me in his future (!), has popped the question! WHOOOOP!! Naturally I said yes as who could resist my gorgeous but shy, guitar strumming sweetheart Sarah-nading me and then presenting me with a rock. *sigh* what??? Planning a wedding seems like awesome fun despite people saying it may be stressful and tiring yadda yadda. BUT the organised, 'OCD having' nut in me is screaming "Bring it on!!" So I thought I'd go through the planning motions and share the insights with you every step of the way. Thus stay tuned as I will unleash the 'Adventures of a Celebrant Bride' amongst the blog posts and if you think you'll be attending our wedding in person....SPOILER ALERT!

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